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Narrow Calf Boots (XS/S)

Shop narrow calf boots for women online at JJ Footwear!

We’ve been designing collections of narrow knee-high boots, in a selection of calf width fittings, for over 30 years. The average industry standard last is just under 15 inches but our research shows that this serves only 40% of women.

Extensive collection of boots for narrow calves

Our collections of knee-high boots include an exclusive selection of narrow calf boots, which have been designed especially for thin legs. We understand the desire to have a beautiful pair of slim calf boots, but the reality of finding what you need, in a style you love, to fit slim calves, is not at all easy. You want a pair of knee-high boots that have been designed to fit slender legs.

Slim legs boots in your personal size!

If you have a petite frame and slim legs, you may find boots cut using industry standard lasts are far too wide for your legs. Often, they are uncomfortable to wear and can rub your heels, ankles and legs. They may even sag around your ankles. They are simply just too big for you.

Depending on shoe size, our boots have a calf width ranging from 11½ to 13½ inches. We cut our boots for skinny legs using a graded pattern, which means, the dimension of the foot, ankle and mid-calf are especially cut to fit a petite frame.

Our collection suits your narrow calves

The team at JJ Footwear have created a collection of boots, in a variety of styles, colors and leathers, and a selection of heel heights which we think you will love, especially if you have struggled to find boots with a narrow calf.

Although we are a small team, we have a big ambition, quite simply put, we want to help as many women as possible find a perfectly fitting pair boots. We are passionate about working with you and offer lots of advice about selecting the best pair of boots for skinny calves to meet your very individual needs. 

So, if you are looking for a pair of casual boots for ladies, classic black boots, smooth cognac or a slim calf boot with a high heel, you are in the right place. Perhaps you would like a pair of narrow boots for a special occasion, or simply to find a pair of rugged slim boots to walk the dog, we are right here to help you find the perfect pair and have a beautiful collection waiting for you.

Order your pair of boots with our Personal FIT Code

*Before choosing a pair of extra slim calf boots, we recommend that you take a few moments to measure your calves and feet and enter the measurements into our new Personal FIT Code. This will help you calculate the calf width you need and identify the boots available in your calf width fitting. If you would like a little extra help and advice, please contact the team.