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Wide Calf Boots (size: Medium/Large)

Shop your favorite pair of wide calf boots online at JJ Footwear!

The search for wide calf boots can sometimes be quite challenging. Not finding the right size, a shaft that's too narrow, or an uncomfortable fit can be frustrating. At JJ Footwear, we understand the struggle of finding the perfect wide calf boots for you.

That's why our selection only includes wide calf boots, available in sizes medium and large, that are precisely tailored to your needs. At JJ Footwear, we offer wide boots with the right fit, a wide footbed, and a wide shaft. This combination ensures that the boots fit perfectly around your wide calves.

The wide calf boots from JJ Footwear are not only practical and comfortable, as they are fully designed to meet your needs, but they are also very fashionable. This means that your wide calf boots will look great and perfectly complement your favorite outfits. Our wide calf boots are available in leather and suede materials. Additionally, you have a variety of color options to choose from. Whether you prefer blue, black, cognac, or taupe, you can find wide calf boots that completely match your style.

Wide calf boots in sizes Medium/Large

WideWidths by JJ Footwear has the largest collection of wide calf boots. As fit specialists, we know how difficult the search for a perfectly fitting pair of wide calf boots can be. Our experience in the manufacture and sale of wide calf boot means we are experts in working with you to establish which designs will suit you best. Within our collection, you will find a diverse choice of boots in a variety of colors and materials. Whether you are looking for a pair of wide calf black boots or a pair of boots to wear with your favorite outfit, we have a wide calf boot for you.

Wide calf black boots

Black wide calf boots are a great option especially if you are looking for a wide calf boot to wear for work. The black perfectly complements any outfit. Our wide calf black boot styles are available in different materials. WideWidths by JJ Footwear's collection of black boots is limitless, you can choose from classic black leather boots, black suede boots and/or black nubuck boots. Our black boots feature a wide shaft, ensuring a wide entry making them easy to put on and fasten. Having trouble finding the right fit? Then try our Personal Fit Code, where you can use your shoe size, shaft (calf) width and foot width to order your perfect pair of black wide calf boots.

Wide calf boots cognac

At WideWidths by JJ Footwear you will find boots in a number of different colors. We have a diverse collection of cognac wide calf boots. The cognac leather is known for its warm, dark brown appearance. Our cognac wide shank boots are available in both a dark cognac and light cognac.  We have an unrivalled selection of wide calf cognac leather boots. Our boots have been especially designed for women with wide calves. Our cognac boots have a wide footbed and are available in various calf fittings so you will never be short of inspiration.

Wide boots for women

At WideWidths by JJ Footwear we are specialists in designing wide boots for women. As a fit specialist with years of experience in designing women's boots, we are dedicated to helping women with wide and plus sized legs to find boots that fit perfectly. During the production of our wide calf boots, shoe size, shaft width and last width are all taken into account. This method of production means our boots have the ideal fit for women with both wide calves and wide feet. All our boots feature a wide shaft and a wide footbed. This combination ensures a comfortable fit, even when wearing the boots during your daily activities.

What is the shaft width of a boot?

The shaft of a boot is simply the opening point of the boot; the long part where you slip your foot in before fastening the boot.  We cut the shaft in different width fittings, which determines the shaft width. At WideWidths by JJ Footwear, you have the option of choosing shaft widths from L up to XXXL.  Our XXXL calf width are suitable for women with very large calves.

Wide width boots for women's

Are you looking for women's boots for wide calves? Then you've come to the right place at JJ Footwear. Within our selection, you'll find boots specifically designed for women with wide calves. The boots in JJ Footwear's assortment are designed with your calves in mind. By considering a wide fit and sizing during the design process, the boots fit perfectly around your wide calves. Our boots are available in suede and leather materials.

Wide calf boots for women are known for their wider construction and design compared to standard-sized boots. Wide boots feature a wider shaft that fits precisely around your calves. Additionally, these boots have a wide footbed and more room for your foot.

The combination of a wide shaft, wide sole, and extra foot space ensures that the boots accommodate your wide feet as well. We aim to make the purchase of your favorite pair of wide boots as easy as possible. With our Personal Fit Code, you can easily discover which wide calf boots are the right fit for you.

Cowboy boots for wide calves are a stylish choice!

Cowboy boot models have been in use for years. In the old Western days, they were used for practical purposes like riding horses. Nowadays, Western boots have become an essential part of the fashion scene, especially when it comes to boots. Cowboy boots haven't always been a popular choice in the fashion world, mainly because these models were originally designed for practical use.

Within our online store collection, Plymouth is a highly popular choice in our selection of cowboy boots. This model is ideal for everyday use. The bold appearance of the boot gives you and your outfit an extra rugged look. Plymouth is made from high-quality leather material and is available in black and cognac colors. Even if you wear orthotic insoles in your shoes, you can still wear these cowboy boots. Since this model features a removable footbed, you can easily insert your own orthotic insoles into the boots.

At JJ Footwear, we provide the opportunity for women with wide calves to choose a pair of cowboy boots. Our models are specially designed with your wide calves in mind. This makes it possible for you to order cowboy boots with a wide shaft. The combination of the shaft and the extra-wide footbed ensures that our boots with a wide shaft fit comfortably around your wide calves. This allows you to choose a model that perfectly matches your personal fit!

Today, the perception of Western boots has greatly changed. Nowadays, these boots are commonly used to add a tougher look to an outfit or to boost your confidence. Over the past few years, these boots have become much more popular, making them a must-have in your shoe wardrobe!

A Western boot is recognizable by its distinctive appearance; it typically features a pointed heel and toe, as well as a noticeable color and print. The shaft has a rounded finish compared to a standard type of boot.

Discover our women's wide calf boots

You can easily order wide calf boots for women online at JJ Footwear. Our boots, specially designed for women with wide calves, are available in various colors and sizes. This ensures that you can always find a suitable pair of boots to order.

During your search for the right pair of women’s wide calf boots, you may encounter some common issues. These issues can include incorrect sizing, a shaft that doesn't fit around your calves properly, lack of support while wearing the boots, or models that don't have the right color combination for your favorite outfit.

Through our website, you can enter your calf width, shoe size, and width to select the right boot model for you. Based on the provided information, a selection of boots will be shown that specifically meets your requirements.

Leather wide calf boots in all sizes

As a woman with wide calves, finding the right pair of leather boots can often be quite a challenge. Fortunately, JJ Footwear offers a wide range of leather boots for wide calves.

To make the right choice of leather boots for wide calves, it's important to measure your calves accurately. Based on your calf width, JJ Footwear can provide you with the ideal pair of leather boots for wide calves. This puts an end to the endless search full of problems and frustrations, as we can truly offer boots that fit, regardless of your calf width.

In the JJ Footwear assortment, you can find leather boots with a wide calf in various materials, from suede to leather, and in colors ranging from black to brown, taupe to blue. At JJ Footwear, you always have options. If choosing the right pair of leather boots for wide calves still seems challenging, take advantage of our online measurement tool. By using your calf width, you can make the perfect and, above all, well-fitting choice for you.

When it comes to style, there are many options for leather boots with a wide calf. For a classic look, consider a darker color variant. For a more trendy look, opt for wide boots with chunky heels or boots with buckles and straps. JJ Footwear offers these possibilities.

Finding the ideal pair of wide calf leather boots can be a challenge when you have wide calves. JJ Footwear offers a solution to this problem. You can order your pair of wide calf boots online at our webshop. We specialize in designing, manufacturing, and selling wide calf leather boots. We provide stylish and comfortable wide leather boots for women.

At JJ Footwear, we understand that every woman deserves to feel confident and comfortable in her wide leather boots, regardless of calf size. That's why we offer a wide range of sizes and style variations, designed with wider calves in mind.

One of the materials we use in the production of wide boots is leather. The boots from JJ Footwear are not only stylish but also designed with comfort in mind. They feature cushioned insoles, supportive footbeds, ensuring your feet stay comfortable all day long.

Leather wide calf boots for women

Beautiful leather wide calf boots with a perfect fit and a stylish design, every woman wants that, right? At JJ Footwear, you'll discover your favorite pair of leather boots for wide calves. The entire range at our webshop is specifically produced and designed for your wide calves.

At JJ, we specialize in designing and selling leather wide-calf boots in medium, wide, and extra wide sizes. These boots are specially designed for women with wider calves and offer the perfect combination of style and comfort.

All our leather boots for wide calves are made from genuine leather, ensuring that our boots are made from the highest quality materials. The wide-calf boots for women are available in both standard leather and leather stretch variations. The leather stretch variant is flexible and easily adjusts to your wide calves. Additionally, the leather boots for wide calves are also available in leather/suede combination. With these options, JJ Footwear can always offer you a suitable leather boot for wide calves.

The wide-calf boots are available in medium, wide, and extra wide sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for almost everyone. As fit specialists, we know at JJ Footwear how important it is to wear comfortable and well-fitting leather boots.

In summary, if you're looking for high-quality leather wide-calf boots, JJ Footwear is the place to be. Our extensive collection provides an ideal solution for every woman in the search for a fitting leather boot. With our medium, wide, and extra wide sizes, we guarantee that we can offer a perfect-fitting leather boot for wide calves for almost every woman.

Wide calf thigh high boots

Finding the perfect fit for wide calf thigh-high boots can be a challenge for women with wide calves. That's why JJ Footwear's wide calf thigh-high boots offer a solution to this problem. These boots provide comfort, style, and, most importantly, the perfect fit for women with wider calves.

Wide calf thigh-high boots are available in various styles, materials, and colors to ensure a perfect fit for your high boots. JJ Footwear's thigh-high boots are designed with a wider calf width to provide extra room for the calf while maintaining the trendy and sleek look of thigh-high boots. The wide boots can be made from materials such as leather, suede, and more.

Wide calf thigh-high boots are available in different colors, ranging from brown to black or lighter shades. Wide calf boots are a fashionable and practical choice for women with wide calves. These boots offer comfort and a modern, stylish appearance.

When shopping for wide calf thigh-high boots, it's important to find the right fit. At JJ Footwear, you can always find the perfect fit based on your calf width and shoe size. By providing these measurements on our website, the options that best suit you will be displayed instantly.

Wide boots for womens

Are you looking for well-fitting wide boots for women? Then you've come to the right place at JJ Footwear! Within our assortment, you'll find wide boots specifically designed for your calf width.

Our boots are produced with wide calf sizes in mind, and the design takes into account the desired measurements. The sizing of wide boots for women at JJ Footwear goes beyond what you would find in a regular boot store. Our wide boots for women are available with wide shafts in calf widths ranging from 16 inches to 24 3/4 inches.

When it comes to the right width of the footbed, you're also in the right place at JJ Footwear. The wide boots for women are available in foot widths of M (Medium), W (Wide), and WW (Extra wide) in most cases.

Furthermore, our wide boots for women are available in various colors. Our color options range from gray to espresso and from blue to taupe. From taupe to black, you have a wide selection of color variations to find your favorite pair of wide boots at JJ Footwear.

In addition to a wide range of colors and suitable styles to match your outfit, our wide boots for women also provide the support you can expect for wide calves. They are designed to support the feet and calves of women with wider measurements, offering a perfect fit and optimal comfort.

Wide width booties

Wide calf boots can be ordered from JJ Footwear. As a specialist in fit, we understand your needs and preferences when it comes to a comfortable boot that is tailored to your own fit. By focusing entirely on wide calf boots, we can offer the boot you're looking for. Not only will you find boots that fit well and meet your fit requirements, but they are also highly fashionable.

Within our assortment, you can choose from a wide selection of styles and various color variations. This way, you can make the choice for the boots that best suit your wide calves. Regardless of what you're doing, we offer a wide boot that fits your situation. Are you looking for a beautiful and stylish leather boot that matches your favorite outfit? You can always order your perfect boots from JJ Footwear.

Our collection of wide calf boots in our online shop is available in both leather and suede materials. We also offer combinations of leather/suede and leather/stretch. With this wide choice of materials, it's always possible for you to find a suitable pair of wide calf boots.

If you're unsure about the right size, our Personal Fit Code provides the solution, so you can order your favorite pair of wide calf boots without worry. By entering the data of your shoe size, calf width, and boot height, you'll immediately see a selection of wide calf boots that are suitable for you. If you then choose from this selection, you can be almost certain that these wide calf boots will have the perfect fit you're looking for!

Wide calf boots with heels

Imagine you've found your perfect outfit for a night out with friends. The only problem you have is that you're looking for wide calf boots with heels that match you and your outfit perfectly. That's where we come in with the solution at JJ Footwear.

Our wide calf boots with heels are specially produced for your wide calves and come in the exact size you're looking for. Not only that, but the heels on our boots are stylish and fashionable, ensuring they'll perfectly complement your outfit.

At JJ Footwear, you'll discover a diverse range of high-heeled boots for wide calves. You have a choice between leather and suede materials. Whether you prefer a cognac-colored boot with heels for wide calves or opt for a black variation, at JJ Footwear, you'll find it all with the right fit for you.