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Women's Athletic Shoes & Sneakers for Every Foot Width

Discover trainers and sneakers that perfectly suit your feet! At JJ Footwear, we understand the importance of proper footwear during sports. In our online store, you'll find trainers in various foot widths, from narrow to extra wide. Explore our extensive range of athletic trainers for women.

Trainers and sneakers at JJ Footwear

Our trainers are designed with your feet in mind. At JJ Footwear, you'll always find the right fit, regardless of your foot width. Choose comfort and style with our specially designed trainers, allowing you to fully enjoy the comfort they provide during sports!

Trainers for Narrow Feet

As specialists in footwear with different foot widths, we understand the unique needs of women with narrow feet. Our extensive collection of trainers for narrow feet combines a sporty and stylish look with optimal comfort. Our sneakers are available in a Medium Fit sizing.

Whether you're looking for casual trainers for daily use or a sporty model for activities, at JJ Footwear, we have a diverse selection that meets your preferences. Choose between the traditional low instep model and a high instep model. Discover the perfect fit for your narrow feet and experience the comfort of our trainers!

Explore the Full Range of Trainers and Sneakers from JJ Footwear!

Not sure which type of trainer & sneaker is best for your feet? Within our online store, you'll find a wide collection of models for women, suitable for both narrow and wide feet. Available in Medium Fit and Wide Fit sizes and shoe sizes 5/5.5 (EU size 36) through 12.5/13 (EU size 44).

> Trainers & Sneakers for narrow feet

>> Trainers & Sneakers for wide feet

Wide Width Sneakers

Order wide sneakers for women with wide feet easily online through our online store. At JJ Footwear, we offer you an extensive range of sneakers that precisely match your wide sizing. Our sneakers are crafted with high-quality leather and suede.

Our sneakers with a Wide Fit shoe width come with a broad footbed and extra space in the shoe. This allows your foot to have the space it needs, resulting in an increased level of comfort. At the same time, the fit provides the support you need.

Easily order wide sneakers online for women with wide feet. Explore our extensive range of sneakers specially designed for your wide sizing. Our sneakers are produced with high-quality leather and suede, making them not only stylish but also offering a high level of comfort.

The Wide Fit shoe width of our sneakers ensures a perfect fit with a broad footbed and extra space in the shoe. This provides your feet with the space they need, resulting in increased comfort for you. Our sneakers not only offer comfort but also the right support your feet need. Even if you wear orthopedic insoles, our wide width sneakers are suitable for you, with a removable footbed ensuring you can easily insert your own orthopedic insoles into the sneakers.