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Women's wide and narrow shaft rain boots

For ladies with broader calves, finding rain boots that combine the right fit with a stylish look can be a challenge. Our Wellies model is a wide-calf rain boot LINK: WIDE CALF RAIN BOOTS that offers the ideal solution for you!

Wellies: wide calf rain boots 

At JJ Footwear, we believe that every woman is unique, especially when it comes to calf circumference. One fit simply does not suit everyone. That's why our Wellies rain boots come in various shaft widths, ranging from Large to XXL, to ensure a perfect fit that matches your thick calves! This provides the comfort and support you need during a long forest walk.

Women's Rain Boots in All Sizes

Our rain boots for wide calves are made with PVC material that is waterproof. This ensures that your feet stay dry and comfortable even during heavy rainfall. The flexible PVC material makes it easy to put on and take off the boots. With the sturdy anti-slip sole on the bottom of the boot, you'll always have a firm grip, regardless of the type of surface.

Within the JJ Footwear collection, you can find the following models:

> Rain boots with a narrow shaft

>> Rain boots with a wide shaft

Additionally, the boots feature a removable insole, allowing you to easily insert your own orthopedic insoles for optimal wearing comfort, whether on long walks or a relaxed day outdoors!

Gray Weather Is Never Boring with Our Colorful Rain Boots

Our rain boots are available in various color variations, so you can always choose what suits you! Opt for black/white polka dots, add some cheer with red/white polka dots, make a bold choice with brown/beige Leopard, or go for a unique look with yellow, blue with floral motifs, black, or red.

Rain Boots with a Narrow Shaft, Specially Designed for Your Slim Calves

With Wellies, you no longer have to worry about rainy days. At JJ Footwear, we also offer rain boots with a narrow shaft, for ladies with slim calves. Whether you're exploring nature or working in the garden, these boots provide you with style and comfort, regardless of the weather conditions. The models for slim calves are available in Medium/Large sizing.