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Stretch boots

Order Super Wide Calf Stretch boots for women online at JJ Footwear

Order Super Wide Calf Stretch boots for women online at JJ Footwear, with the assurance that the boot will fit you perfectly. In this category, you'll find a wide range of feminine stretch boots with an XXL shaft width that precisely accommodates your extra-wide calves. If you're unsure about your sizing beforehand, first enter your Personal FIT Code and discover, based on your unique code, a boot collection that fits your calf size perfectly!

Stretchy boots for large calves

As fitting specialists at JJ Footwear, we love nothing more than seeing women happy with a fitting pair of boots. To give you that same joyful feeling, we offer boots in nearly all sizes. Our stretchy boots for large calves are available in various sizes, whether you're looking for boots that snugly fit narrow calves or those providing the ideal fit for very wide calves. Within the JJ Footwear online store, you have the choice of boots ranging from XS-Small to XXXL.

Various models super wide calf boots 

In addition to stretch boots, we also offer other models in an XXL sizing that precisely meet your preferences! At JJ Footwear, you can choose from the following boots for super wide calves:

> Complete collection Super Wide Calf Boots (Size: XXL)

>> Super wide calf cowboy boots

>>> Over-the-knee boots

>>>> High boots

Over the knee stretch boots wide calf

At JJ Footwear, you have the largest assortment of boots to choose from, and of course, over-the-knee boots should not be missing, even for women with wide calves. This popular model is easy to combine with your personal wardrobe. Within our collection for wide calves, you have a choice of various shaft widths, including XXL.

Over-the-knee boots are generally seen as a model made specifically for women with narrow calves; however, you'll find models at our store that fit very well for you, a woman with wide calves.

Overknee boots are produced with a combination of leather and suede. This boot is recognizable by the specific shape of the shaft, namely very long and tight along the leg. Additionally, the boot falls precisely over the knee, allowing you to make your calves look slimmer with the combination of a long, high boot and the narrow design.

Stretch knee-high boots wide calf

Stretch boots have been a very popular choice for years. This is mainly due to the elastic material these boots are made of. Our stretch boots are produced from leather and suede or a combination of these materials. An additional advantage of these boots is that they will gradually conform to your own calf size over time. This ensures that the boot fits even better around your calves.