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Super Wide Calf Boots (XXL)

Super Wide Calf Boots 

In the 30 years since we launched our collection of multiple width fitting boots, we’ve spent a lot of time studying women’s legs. As a dedicated team of footwear professionals, we understand how important it is to listen to you, our customer.

We value your feedback, you encouraged us to expand our collection of knee high boots and develop a line of super wide calf boots for women who have muscular calves and/or women who carry more weight on their lower legs.  Today, our super wide calf boots are our bestselling calf width fitting.

Did you know one in six women struggle to buy knee high boots?

If you are one of these women, worry not. Our research shows that 60% of women struggle to find boots to fit their curvaceous legs. Yes, 60% of women cannot fasten the zipper on traditionally made knee high boots. It’s frustrating right? We are one of the few companies that makes boots with a calf width fitting over 19 inches.

What makes our super wide calf boots different?

Our collection of super-wide calf boots is available in sizes 5 to 13 and calf widths fittings between 17½”- 21½”.

We think it’s our attention to detail that sets us apart from other footwear designers. Why? Simply put, we know that women come in different shapes and sizes. You’ve told us that you want superior quality, handcrafted leather boots, in super wide calf fittings. You’ve also told us about how the size and shape of your legs limits your choice when buying knee high boots for large legs.

Size verses shape

Our tapered leg super wide calf boots have been designed especially for women with big calves and thin ankles who want knee high boots that don’t crumple around their small ankles. We also designed super wide calf boots with built in elastic for women with big calves and heavy ankles. That’s not all, we have designed a super stretch boot for women who have lymphedema and/or extremely large ankles.

Spoilt for choice

We think you’ll be delighted with the amount of choice our collection of super wide calf boots offers. We have everything you are looking for in both mid and plus sized boots, including classic black boots with low heels, beautifully crafted high heeled boots in suede and/or leather, rugged biker styled boots with chunky soles in warm cognac and olive green. Could we offer you anything else? - We’re spoiling you for choice as we also have a super wide calf cowboy boots or super wide navy boots.

One last thing, we’ve even got wellies that are cut in a selection of bright colours in super wide calf fittings. What’s not to love?

Shop your favorite pair of boots without worries

Do you want to order your new favorite boots online without worries? Use our Personal FIT Code beforehand. After measuring your shoe size, calf circumference, and forefoot circumference, we can offer you a personal collection that precisely fits your measurements! This way, you truly shop for your favorite pair of boots without worries!