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Stretch boots

Extra Wide Calf Stretch Boots for Women's

Are you in search of the perfect pair of stretch boots in a larger size? JJ Footwear offers the solution that suits you perfectly! Within our collection, you'll find stretch boots with an XL shaft width.

Extra large stretch boots

Stretch boots are made from a more flexible leather material, allowing them to easily conform to the shape of your wide calves. Over time, the design will adapt to your personal calf size. The stretch boots in JJ Footwear's range are specially designed for you, with all stretch boots created with your extra wide calves in mind.

The design featuring a stretch section in the boot allows for easy pulling on, as the shaft is more flexible compared to other materials used in boot production.

In the extensive JJ Footwear collection, you also have options such as:

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Distington; leather stretch boot with heel

Distington is a leather women's boot with an extra wide shaft, available in both black and cognac color options. Distington features stretch material at the back of the model. Additionally, this boot is equipped with a subtle low heel, a zipper closure, and a subtle buckle at the top of the boot. Available in an XL shaft width. The removable footbed allows for the use of orthopedic insoles in this model.

Annfield; dark elegant stretch boot

Annfield is a leather women's boot with an extra wide shaft, made with stretch material. This boot is designed with a subtle low heel and is equipped with a side zipper for easy on and off.

Like most boots in the JJ Footwear collection, this model has a removable footbed, allowing you to easily insert your own orthopedic insoles. Annfield also features a non-slip sole for extra stability on any surface you walk on.

The elegant Annfield women's boot is available in black and blue colors. These dark colors make it easy to pair the boot with, for example, jeans. Choosing Annfield combines a casual look with a stylish boot.


H2: Boots that fit your calf size perfectly

Our Annfield is available in different sizes, meaning we can always offer a model that fits your unique shape. This high boot is available in shaft widths XS-Small to XXXL, ensuring we can provide a boot that fits you perfectly!

Extra wide calf stretch boots

Our stretch boots are often made with a combination of high-quality leather and suede materials. The advantage of stretch is that it's a more flexible material than standard leather or suede. An additional benefit of stretch materials in the boot is that it will gradually conform to your extra wide calves over time. This ensures an optimal fit, even if you have extra thick calves. The boots flex with your movements, providing optimal comfort throughout the day.

Extra wide boots, just for you!

At JJ Footwear, our goal as a fit specialist is to ensure that you can always find a pair of boots that perfectly matches your measurements. In our online store, you have a wide selection of categories and models. If stretch boots aren't what you're looking for, our extra wide calf boots might be just what you need! Within this category, you'll find a diverse assortment of boots in various color options and model variants, all with an XL shaft width, ensuring you can always find the perfect fit.