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Plus size over-the-knee boots in XXXL-size

Over-the-knee boots are a current trend that has become a staple in street fashion. These boots have a high and narrow shaft, extending over the knee for an elegant look. This design not only adds sophistication but also gives the illusion of slimmer calves. Additionally, these boots provide warmth during colder weather.

Wide calf over the knee boots

Women with wide calves often search in vain for over-the-knee boots that truly fit well. Most models are designed with narrow calves in mind, leaving you seemingly ordering the wrong pair every time. At JJ Footwear, we understand and acknowledge this issue, and that's why we offer an effective solution: over-the-knee boots that perfectly accommodate your super wide calves!

Over-the-knee boots in all sizes at JJ Footwear

Our collection is specially designed to give women with super wide calves the opportunity to find a pair of over-the-knee boots that fits them just right. Made from high-quality suede material, our boots mold perfectly to your calves over time. With us, you'll always succeed in finding thigh-high boots suitable for wide calves!

At JJ Footwear, we offer a diverse range of boots with various shaft widths, from M/L to XXXL. As fit specialists, we understand the importance of finding boots that match your unique preferences.

In our Super Plus Wide Calf Boots category with XXXL shaft width, you can explore:

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Cowboy boots > Super Plus Wide Calf Boots

High boots > Super Plus Wide Calf Boots 

Plus size thigh high boots extra wide calf

Finding the right pair of boots can be challenging for women with plus-size calves, especially when it comes to over-the-knee boots that perfectly fit an XXXL size. Over-the-knee boots are a must-have in your personal collection, effortlessly complementing any outfit and adding a touch of class. Opting for over-the-knee boots ensures a stylish and elegant appearance, with the extended narrow shaft providing a slimmer look to your legs, offering both confidence and comfort, even in colder weather.

Thigh high boots for big thighs and calves

Thigh-high boots designed for wide calves provide a comfortable fit and optimal support. Available in our online shop with shaft widths up to XXXL, our model is crafted from suede stretch material, ensuring flexibility and easy wear.

Over-the-knee boot Tickhill (Blue/Black) for wide calves 

Over-the-knee boots often come with a narrow shaft, making it challenging for individuals with wider calves. JJ Footwear introduces the Tickhill model, featuring stretch material that adapts to your calves. The adjustable shaft width, facilitated by a cord at the top, and the zipper closure make the boots easy to put on.

Tickhill, available in blue and black and various calf widths, up to XXXL, comes with an anti-slip sole for stability on any surface. This thigh-high boot is not only stylish but also adaptable, making it suitable for various occasions and outfit choices.

Personalized Size Advice with Personal FIT Code

Discovering the ideal boots for your calf size is easy with our exclusive Personal FIT Code In three simple steps, measure your shoe size, calf circumference, and forefoot circumference to receive a personalized collection of boots that suit you.