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Wide Calf High boots

Whatever the season, there is always a time to enjoy a pair of high-heeled knee-high boots.  Whether you are looking for a pair of high-heeled boots to wear for a special occasion, to go with a particular outfit or to just throw on as you go about your day, we have something special for you. 

We design a collection of high-heeled wide-calf boots for women who are petite, mid or plus sized.  Our boots are available in a range of calf width fittings and shoe widths including styles that are suitable if you have large ankles.  Designed to be comfortable and to fit well, our high-heel boots are available in a number of heights including boots with 7cm heels, platform soles, Cuban heels and mid-sized heels.

Wide shaft knee-high boots

It's true to say that it is essential to have at least one pair of beautiful knee-high boots in your wardrobe. But finding a pair of boots to fit your calves can be fraught with disappointment if you don't fit into the standard industry calf size of 38cm. Luckily, at Wide Widths by JJ Footwear, we have been designing wide-calf boots for women of all shapes and sizes for years and we have something for everyone. Our collection of wide-calf boots comes in calf-width fittings from 30 to 60cm, in sizes 36 to 44 and in a variety of finishes, colors and styles.

Finding your fit with wide calf high boots

For every woman who has struggled to zip up a stylish boot over her calves, there’s a feeling of disappointment that’s all too familiar. However, the tide is turning with the growing availability of wide calf boots. These boots aren't just functional; they are a celebration of style and comfort combined.

Wide Widths by JJ Footwear specializes in catering to this unique need. Our carefully curated collection of wide calf high boots is designed with diverse body shapes in mind. Whether you're petite, mid-sized, or plus-sized, our boots ensure that no one has to compromise on fashion.

Our wide calf boots come in various heel heights

Ranging from practical mid-sized heels to glamorous 7cm heels, and even include options with platform soles and Cuban heels, we have wide calf boots for every type of body. The right pair of knee high boots not only elevates your outfit but also boosts your confidence with every step.

Wide calf boots are a cornerstone of our collection, accommodating calf widths from 30cm up to 60cm. Shoe sizes range from 36 to 44, ensuring that women of all shapes can find boots that fit well and feel great. Our selection includes a variety of finishes and styles, from classic leather to trendy suede, making it easy to shop extended sizes that are as fashionable as they are comfortable.

For those with larger ankles or who have felt restrictive in standard sizes, our wide width options provide the perfect solution. Every pair is crafted to offer a comfortable fit, without sacrificing style or function.

When it comes to women's wide calf boots, the right fit is everything

Because one size does not fit all! Some boots may feel restrictive, but our women's wide calf boots are all about wider measurements and perfecting the silhouette to ensure they look as good as they feel. Boots for every season and reason: If you feel like dressing up for a special occasion or simply need a reliable pair of calf boots for women to enhance your daily wardrobe, our wide width selection has something for everyone!

The colors of our wide calf boots for women

When it comes to wide calf boots, the possibilities in color and material are as varied. These boots are more than a functional necessity for those with broader calves as they can be a bold fashion statement! Our collection offers all kinds of colors. Time to shop extended sizes women's wide calf boots!

Black leather or brown suede?

The ultimate choice for wide calf boots. Black leather is timeless and versatile. It pairs with any outfit for casual and formal looks. Leather itself is a durable material that molds to your calves. It's a perfect custom fit that improves with wear. Looking for a boot that's polished to a high shine or treated for a matte finish? Black leather boots are a staple in women's wardrobes.

For a softer, more textured look, brown suede is a popular choice. It has a luxurious feel and adds depth to the boot's appearance. Brown suede boots are perfect for autumnal styles and can be paired with rich colors like burgundy and forest green. The comfort and warmth of suede make it ideal for cooler weather, and its classic appeal ensures that these boots never go out of trend.

A tan nubuck, navy fabric or grey patent boot?

Tan nubuck brings a lighter, more earthy tone to the wide calf boot collection. This material is known for its softness and its ability to age gracefully. Tan is an excellent choice for those looking to express a casual, laid-back vibe while still maintaining an elegant profile.

When we're moving beyond traditional leathers, navy fabric offers a modern twist on classic high boots. The fabric allows for more experimental designs, including prints and patterns that can inject personality into your ensemble. Navy is a versatile color that works well for casual settings.

Grey patent leather calf boots for women are an exciting option. The materials and designs reflect light beautifully. Grey patent is perfect for those women who feel like adding a futuristic edge to their wardrobe.

Each of these colors enhances the fashion appeal of wide calf boots and at the same time broadens the selection available to women of all sizes. Our high and low boots are crafted to offer a generous fit, as one size does not fit all, it's time to shop extended sizes at JJ Footwear!