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Wide Calf Boots

Wide calf boots

We work in an industry which has, for many years, designed footwear to fit the bodies of women who were born in a totally different era to us. Boot lasts have changed very little since knee high boots first became popular in the1960’s. In the decades following this period, women’s bodies have evolved and traditional last patterns no longer serve our body shapes.

Knee high boots to fit mid-sized calves.

Our team decided it was time to redevelop the boot last and launched our first wide calf boot design almost 30 years ago.  Our collection has grown over time, as has our sizing, and today we curate a collection of beautifully made wide calf boots in a variety of colors, styles and leathers. 

Traditionally knee-high boots have been cut using a standard calf width of under 15”.  Our wide calf boots have a calf width fitting of between 13½”- 15½ inches, so if you have a calf that is slightly larger than 15”, we think you will love be able to wave goodbye to the disappointment of being unable to fasten the zipper of a new pair of boots.

How would you describe your calves?

Our hand-crafted wide calf boots are perfect for you if you have athletic or naturally muscular calves. Perhaps you hike, run, cycle or ride. You consider yourself to have a small or mid-sized frame. You are probably able to find knee-high boots, but when you do, you find them difficult to fasten, uncomfortable to wear or simply too tight.

Now that you have found us, we hope you will be excited to know that our collection of wide calf boots offers you an array of leather, suede or nubuck boots, with a choice of heel heights in modern or traditional styles – and all available in calf width fittings over 15 inches.

Let us help you find a perfectly fitting pair of wide calf boots.

We are an ambitious and dedicated team of footwear professionals. We want to help as many women as possible find boots that fit.  If you have found it difficult to find boots that fasten around your calves or ankles, then we are here to help. We have an abundance of knowledge and are passionate about helping you to find the best pair of wide calf boots to meet your very individual needs. If you would like some advice, please click on the link here to contact our specialist customer service team. They are here to help.

So many wide calf boot styles to choose from

We appreciate for most women, a pair of classic black boots is a wardrobe essential, and now you too can have a pair in a calf fitting that fits your legs perfectly. But what if you are looking for a cognac boot with a large calf?

Our collection for 2023 includes wide calf cognac boots and blue boots with wide calves in a variety of leather, suede and nubuck finishes. Because we know you love color, we have also increased the number of espresso brown colored boots we offer in a wide calf fitting.

Simply put, we want to spoil you with choice.  Which is why, this year, we are celebrating the launch of our new collection of wide calf cowboy boots. We think you’ll adore them as much as we do!

Not sure which size wide calf boots are right for you? Check out our Personal FIT Code

Everyone wants a pair of boots that fits perfectly around their wide calves, right? Enter the measurements of your feet and calves into our Personal FIT Code. This will help you calculate the required calf width and identify available boots that fit your calves. If you need extra assistance and advice, feel free to contact our team.