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Wide Calf Boots

Wide calf boots

JJ Footwear has the largest collection of wide calf boots . As fit specialists, we know how difficult the search for a perfectly fitting pair of wide calf boots can be. Our experience in the manufacture and sale of wide calf boot means we are experts in working with you to establish which designs will suit you best. Within our collection, you will find a diverse choice of boots in a variety of colours and materials. Whether you are looking for a pair of wide calf black boots or a pair of boots to wear with your favourite outfit, we have a wide calf boot for you.

What is the shaft width of a boot?

The shaft of a boot is simply the opening point of the boot; the long part where you slip your foot in before fastening the boot.  We cut the shaft in different width fittings, which determines the shaft width. At JJ Footwear, you have the option of choosing shaft widths from L up to XXXL.  Our XXXL calf width are suitable for women with very large calves.

Our wide calf boots are designed for the perfect fit, no matter your calf size. We offer a range of sizes from L to XXXL, so that everyone can find a comfortable fit. The key to making these boots fit, is the flexible shaft and wider footbed, which adapt to your calves. This design means you won't have to struggle with tight or uncomfortable boots.

Wide calf black boots

Black wide calf boots are a great option especially if you are looking for a wide calf boot to wear for work. The black perfectly complements any outfit. Our wide calf black boot styles are available in different materials. JJ Footwear's collection of black boots is limitless, you can choose from classic black leather boots, black suede boots and/or black nubuck boots. Our black boots feature a wide shaft, ensuring a wide entry making them easy to put on and fasten.

Having trouble finding the right fit? Then try our Personal Fit Code, where you can use your shoe size, shaft (calf) width and foot width to order your perfect pair of black wide calf boots. Shop extended sizes at JJ Footwear!

Wide calf boots cognac

At JJ Footwear you will find boots in a number of different colours. We have a diverse collection of cognac wide calf boots. The cognac leather is known for its warm, dark brown appearance. Our cognac wide shank boots are available in both a dark cognac and light cognac.  We have an unrivalled selection of wide calf cognac leather boots. Our boots have been especially designed for women with wide calves. Our cognac boots have a wide footbed and are available in various calf fittings so you will never be short of inspiration.

Wide boots for women

At JJ Footwear we are specialists in designing wide boots for women. As a fit specialist with years of experience in designing women's boots, we are dedicated to helping women with petite, wide and plus sized legs to find boots that fit perfectly. During the production of our wide calf boots, shoe size, shaft width and last width are all taken into account. This method of production means our boots have the ideal fit for women with both wide calves and wide feet. All our boots feature a wide shaft and a wide footbed. This combination ensures a comfortable fit, even when wearing the boots during your daily activities.

You can find a wide range of wide calf boots at JJ Footwear

Wide calf boots have become a must-have fashion statement for many women, which is not for nothing. There are some difficulties women with larger calves face when searching for boots. That's exactly why our collection has various sizes, from L to XXXL, providing options for all body types.

Choosing the right boot? Start by focusing on the shaft width, which is the opening at the top of the boot where you insert your foot before fastening. JJ Footwear offers customizable shaft widths, this makes it a lot easier for you to find the ideal fit. Are you looking for classic black wide calf boots, brown shoes, more standard boots in other colors or other shoes to feel great in? Don’t look any further!

One size does not fit all!

Our collection widecalf boots features all kinds of materials and colors (and of course sizes). Take for example our timeless leather or chic suede. These wide calf boots are designed to be matched with all kinds of fashionable outfits For women with wider calves, standard boots often don't fit comfortably, leading to disappointment and discomfort. We know exactly how this feels, and that’s why we provide wide calf options that are trendy and practical. Our extended sizes guarantee that each woman can find a boot that fits just right!

Shop extended sizes at JJ Footwear

Did you know we even offer a personal fit code to determine your shoe size, shaft width, and foot width? This makes it a lot easier to order your ideal pair of wide calf boots. And with our final sale policy, you can shop wide calf boots knowing you're getting high-quality boots with a perfect fit at competitive prices.

When you choose our wide calf boots, you're getting more than just a wider fit. We focus on the details that make these boots work for you, like flexible shafts and wider footbeds, to give you the comfort you deserve. And let's not forget the variety of color options we offer, from classic blacks to vibrant colors. You will always find something to match your style. Looking to shop extended sizes and different styles? Look no further!

And of course we know you don't want to wait forever for your new boots, which is why we offer express shipping! Do you need them for a special event or just want them ASAP? No problem at all.

Timeless styles in wide calf boots!

We often hear about the struggle to find wide calf boots that fit well, but here's something you might not know: our collection offers so much versatility in purchasing options, it's almost impossible to not find your perfect pair of shoes. Unlike standard sized shoes, that can be a tight squeeze, our wide calf boots are available in a range of sizing choices, so you don't have to pick style or comfort, you can pick both! We always make sure our stock is diverse, with multiple colors and designs to suit all tastes and preferences.

In search of extended sizes or simply looking for a comfortable and stylish pair of wide calf boots? JJ Footwear is the place to find what you're looking for.