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Extra Wide Calf Boots (Size: XL)

Extra Wide Calf Boots

Our first extra wide calf boot design was launched 30 years ago. At the time of the launch, online shopping was still in its infancy and our boots were sold via a small network of footwear stores across The Netherlands.

We produced 300 pairs which sold out within a week of going on sale. From this moment, we knew we were onto something and our drive to make extra wide calf knee high boots, in a variety of styles, became the primary focus of our footwear business.

Why don't knee high boots fit me?

A standard industry last is just under 15 inches which serves only 40% of women. That means only four in ten women will be able to walk into a shoe store or go online and buy a pair of knee-high boots, off the shelf, which fit them.

That's probably why you feel as if you will never be able to find a pair of knee-high boots for your calves. We can assure you that you that are not alone, in fact you are among the 60% of women who, like you, struggle to buy boots that fit them properly.

Do you do have curvy calves?

If you have a curvy calf, you've probably found it difficult to find knee-high boots with a calf width wide enough to fit your legs. Are your calves shapely and strong? Do you have a naturally muscular frame?

Perhaps you have lymphedema and struggle with swelling around your lower leg and ankle. Maybe you have a high instep and or large ankles. Have you been upset because you are unable to fasten the zipper on knee high boots which have been cut using old fashioned boot lasts?

If you've experienced any of the above, you'll be delighted to know that our collection of extra wide calf boots are designed especially for you.

Available in sizes 5 to 13, our extra wide calf boots have a calf width fitting from 15½”- 18½”.

What makes our extra wide calf boots different from the rest?

Although we are a small team, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to designing women's extra wide calf boots. We specialize in providing width fittings to suit all calf shapes. Our collection is unique and designed using a patented multiple width fitting formular.

Our boots are cut so the foot, instep, ankle and calf widths are graded. The width of each element is increased as the foot size of the boot goes up in size. Meaning you get the width you need where you need it most.

It's fair to say that we spend a lot of our time looking at women's legs!

Our team understands that all women are built differently. So, while you may need the same extra wide calf width fitting boot as another women, your legs maybe an entirely different shape.

Preventing medical problems by wearing the right shoes

Wearing shoes that don't fit properly can lead to significant medical issues, impacting your daily life. Ill-fitting footwear often results in discomfort and, over time, can cause more severe health problems such as corns, blisters, and ingrown toenails.

In severe cases, the wrong shoes can exacerbate or lead to the development of conditions like bunions, hammertoes, and plantar fasciitis. These conditions could worsen and lead to lasting damage. Make sure that you choose the right shoes to avoid these complications. The results of selecting proper fitting footwear? Count on comfort, better foot health, and prevention of potential medical problems.

Not every extra wide calf boot will fit every leg perfectly

If you have large calves and slender ankles, big calves and big ankles or big ankles and slender calves (or cankles as some like to call them) you have very individual needs and require stretch or contouring on your boots in specific areas.

This is exactly what makes our collection of extra wide calf boots different. We design boots with different shaped boot lasts. We have extra wide calf shoes that have a tapered leg shape for women with delicate ankles and big calves, a straight legged extra wide calf boot for women who have cankles, and a boot that has built in stretch especially for women who have very large ankles and struggle with the effects of lymphedema.

A collection of extra wide calf boots for all shapes

Our collection is available in a variety of styles, colors and finishes. We have a selection of heel heights and have just launched our first collection of extra wide calf cowboy boots. If you are looking for a boot to wear for a special occasion, we have handcrafted extra wide calf boots in blue and of course, if you are looking for a classically styled black or cognac boot in an extra wide calf fitting, we have these too.

Confused about size and shape?

We are here to help, so please email [email protected] for some one-to-one fitting advice.

Which size boots are right for me?

You've found your favorite pair of boots in our collection, but you're unsure about the sizing that suits you best? Use the Personal FIT Code. Our online tool provides you with a comprehensive overview of shoes that match your calf width perfectly. This ensures you get a pair of boots that truly suits you! Buy your pair of shoes with extra confidence