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Extra Wide Calf Cowboy boots (Size: XL)

Stylish cowgirl boots for women with extra wide calves

Finding the perfect pair of cowboy boots can be a challenge, especially for ladies with extra wide calves. At JJ Footwear, we understand that every pair of boots should not only be stylish but also comfortable. We offer extra wide cowboy boots for women.

JJ Footwear is here for you with boots for extra wide calves

Our team wants to ensure that everyone finds the perfect pair of boots that precisely fits your personal fit! In our "Extra Wide Calf Boots" collection, you can explore boots with an extra wide shaft, available in XL sizing.

Our cowboy boots are crafted from high-quality leather. Although we don't offer different leather choices, we've ensured that each pair of boots in our collection meets the highest standards of quality. Our boots are designed to be not only fashionable but also to stand the test of time.

Dewsbury: A rugged, feminine look with this western boot model

One of our popular extra wide cowboy boots is the Dewsbury model. This rugged, black, and cognac-colored western boot features a low heel, striking buckles, and a pointed toe. Additionally, the boot is equipped with a zipper for easy on and off. Even if you wear orthopedic insoles, you can wear our cowboy boots. These are easy to insert into the boot, thanks to a replaceable footbed.

Plus size cowboy boots for extra wide calf

The cowboy boots in our "Extra Wide Calf Boots" collection are specially designed for women with extra wide calves. Our XL shaft width provides the space and comfort you deserve!

While we currently don't offer different designs or prints, our cowboy boots reflect the classic Western style. The emphasis is on comfort and a perfect fit, allowing you to shine in every pair you wear.

At JJ Footwear, we believe in exceeding your expectations. With our Personal FIT Code, high-quality leather, and special attention to extra wide calves, we offer the ideal solution for women looking for stylish and comfortable cowboy boots. Explore our collection today and enjoy boots that truly fit you.

Order your cowboy boots for extra wide calves with our Personal FIT Code

With our exclusive Personal FIT Code, you can choose from a collection of boots that precisely match your shoe size, shaft width, and last width. Based on your personal Code, we display a collection of cowboy boots specially tailored to you!