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Welcome to the new WideWidths web site

Welcome to the new WideWidths web site

It’s been a bit of a journey to get to this point, and at times it’s tested our small team, but we are here, and we are delighted that you are too.


WideWidths was founded in the late 1980’s, by a very determined Anna.  Anna’s dream was to curate a collection of wide fitting boots and shoes and make them available to women who struggled to find footwear to fit their broad feet, large ankles and or big calves.


Originally based in a shop in New York, Anna made the bold decision to take WideWidths online during the early days of online shopping.  In doing so, word spread and WideWidths established itself as one of the leading width fitting specialists in the US.


Almost 10 years ago, Anna met Carl van der Putten the CEO of JJ Footwear at a European Trade Fair.  Anna wanted to expand her offering and was searching for what she thought might be impossible - a manufacturing partner who could help expand her collection and offer WideWidths customers a collection of boots in calf width fittings over 20 inches. 


The team from JJ Footwear worked hand in hand with Anna up until her retirement 2 years ago.  As the new custodians of the WideWidths,  JJ Footwear have been working hard behind the scenes to offer the same service that you have come to expect from the brand.  Many of you have become quite familiar with our Team and as such we think it is time to make some changes.


We’ve made a start with the web site, and we hope you’ll find the fit guides and Personal FIT Code helpful and easy to use. We’ve also extended our collection and have added a collection of wide fitting Cowboy boots, ankle boots and sneakers to the site which we think you’ll love.


We design and manufacturer all of the products on the web site and feel there is no better time than now to start re branding WideWidths.  Over the coming months you will see a few changes.


We have already started shipping our designs in JJ Footwear branded cartons and we are making a start on rebranding the website.  For now, you’ll see the two logo’s side by side on the website, but very soon we will be known solely as JJ Footwear, and will be branded as such.


But don’t worry, we’ve made sure everything is in place for the re brand.


If you have bookmarked in your browser, you’ll be automatically re directed to the new re branded JJ Footwear web site. 


Our Team is not changing.  You’ll still be able to reach out to our Customer Service Manager if you have any questions and Carl remains at the helm of JJ Footwear.


And, finally, while ownership of WideWidths has changed, and the brand name is changing also, we remain committed to the values Anna held close to her heart… quality, fit, design and flexibility. 


We are always available and will continue work our hardest to help you find a beautifully fitting pair of boots, ankle boots or sneakers, regardless of your size or shape.


Oh, one other thing… if you would like more information on new styles, special offers, sales and discounts before everyone else sign up to our newsletter here.


JJ Footwear x